Terms for Catering

"The Best Barbeque Allowed Above the Mason Dixon Line"

Porky Pete's offers such a great authentic southern Bar-B-Que on the shoreline of Connecticut that you might  feel like you are in the south as you eat it.  Our premium meats are smoked long and slow over hard wood chips - and topped with sauces containing a secret blend of spices, the authentic taste seems as if the Bar-B-Que almost has the southern hospitality grilled into the sandwich. Come on in for lunch and taste our delicious Tennessee and Texas style BBQ's. Autumn is a perfect time for a cookout - allow us to cater your party! And if you are looking for a grinder for a crowd or just a corporate business meeting, we specializing in giving you the best of catering and impress your guests with the best. Authentic Southern Bar-B-Que on the shoreline!

Policies and Fees


Cash, check or Money Order deposit is required to reserve your date. This deposit will be deducted from your invoice on the day of the function. Deposits are non-refundable after 14 days of receipt.



Count The anticipated amount of guests you expect at your function will be discussed during the initial contact. We must have a guaranteed count, 7 days before your event. At this time, you may add but not delete any amount of guests from you count. An additional fee WILL apply for final guaranteed guest counts which are greater than 10% less than the contracted guest count. In most instances, we are able to accommodate an increase in your guaranteed guest count at the 7 day deadline. Menu Choice Please contact us 2 weeks prior to your event to finalize you menu selection.



Final payment is to be made the day of event upon our arrival. If you would like to call us a day ahead to get your balance, feel free. Wedding Payments All wedding customers will have an appointment prior to their wedding date. At this time you will be responsible for the final payment of your wedding bill. Final payments are never made at the event.


Tax and Gratuity

All prices on menus are subject to 6.35% Connecticut Sales Tax and 20% Service Charge Service Two service staff members are required for buffet and cocktail events per 50 guests at $25.00per hour Pick up or Delivery Pick up your buffet, displays, desserts, picnics, appetizers, etc. For the prices listed plus 6.35% CT State Sales Tax and save the service charge. Price includes paper plates, napkins, forks and knives. Delivery available for an additional charge. *If you are tax exempt please send us a copy of your tax-exempt certificate. We cannot grant exemption without this certificate.


Bar Services

Bar service available for any type of funtction from $25.00-$35.00 per hour per bar tender. 1 bar tender is requarded per 50 attendees. Liqour Services: Full service bar starts at $39.95 per person. Does not include bar tender service, tax or gratuity. Wine and beer service starts at $19.95 per person. Does not include bar tender serves, tax or gratuaty. All open liqour bars are calculated on a 3-4 hour event time.


We are known for....

  • Our Flexibility
  • Hospitality
  • Excellent Service
  • Authentic Southern Barbeque

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Please Contact us for catering your Large or Small events. We specialize in historical and themed events! Or pick up at our Essex location for large parties. We host parties now at our Ivoryton location.